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yup, I”m sad. lost the most important actually there for me person in my life, maybe temporarily, but it still sucks ass, and i can’t even remember his damn tumblr accounts so I can’t even find him to retroactively follow. Yeah things suck. That’s what things do. I’ll rally, I hope, I’m just sad now and no one reads this anyway.

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Not Exactly Back, but Maybe?
  • So I haven't been online properly in ages... Laptop's not working, but have an iPad now (!!) so might manage to be around more soon. Right now I can only use it on my apartment complex's wifi, but hopefully soon will have a) my own wifi, and b) cellular service set up on the iPad - just have to figure out what I'm doing about my cell phone (need a new one, but am planning to go back to a non-smartphone & use the iPad for all the stuff I was using my cell for). Suspect am making the whole thing more complex than I need to, but overthinking is a specialty of mine.
  • Also need to find a LabCorp near me so I can finally get new bloodwork (am WAY overdue for that) and figure out where iron, vit D, thyroid hormone levels are since various medication changes. Super fun.
  • On the other hand, looks like will be celebrating my birthday this year thanks to a (super awesome) friend visiting DC from California, so that's an unexpected nice thing. Have been virtual hermit for like a year now, so have lost touch with almost everyone - the people I'm still in touch with are extra patient seriously excellent people. Now just need to get past thing where I feel like I've forgotten how to have friends, or at least how to make news ones. Argh.
  • Regardless, this week shaping up to be extra busy & productive & good all at once - lately have had to choose between productive and happy, which I need to work on. ;)
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Thanks! So do you :) It's nice to hear from you, I hope you're well!Asked By - gibzblog

Good to hear from you, too :). I’m okay - wasn’t great, and haven’t been online or in touch with anyone in months, but am getting better. My dr put me on some weird supplement that’s supposed to reduce my stress hormone levels (cortisol etc). Seems like it might be helping - he’s an integrative doctor, so he tests for everything (unlike my old endo who didn’t even want to test me for Hashi’s antibodies bc we had my sonogram showing that I’d had it for +++years) and then has me do everything from changing my diet (no gluten) to taking supplements (the normal kind like iron for my anemia and a crazily comprehensive multi-vit liquid to the weird kind like this new one) to prescribing medication. He’s really good, though. I just need to get the new bloodwork and adjust to a new (prescription) medication that’s messing with my sleep and see where things are. You know how it goes - I hadn’t seen him since June, so things were getting not-so-great. Hopefully will be in touch again now, though!

So! What book(s) are you reading now?Asked By - lawtontrask

Well, I finally read All Emergencies Ring Super by Ellen Emerson White, and you were totally right about it - but now of course sad that have basically read all her books (except The Road Home or whatever it’s called), and also sad that President’s Daughter books in a box somewhere so can’t find them to reread.
The only new book that I’m currently reading is Monkeys with Typewriters by Scarlett Thomas, but it keeps making me want to go back and reread her fiction, so I’m also retreading Our Tragic Universe (and recently reread Popco) and have her mystery novels next to my bed in case I want those again. You’d definitely love her fiction, and so far MWT (which is a book about writing fiction, in case any of my three other followers are curious) is unlike any of the other books on writing that I’ve read - I think you’d like it too. It’s interesting to see what she has to say about writing fiction after having read through her books, the first of which were basically genre fiction, followed by coming-of-age twentysomething books (one of which was the first novel of hers that I read probably close to ten years ago), and now the really good complex fascinating books that caused me to rediscover her about a year ago. Popco is the most fun, I think, but you might like The End of Mr Y better - I like Popco best (fun novel about a toy company retreat, but with lots of math(s) and code-breaking stuff, plus a little bit of vegan propaganda for people like me ;) ), but think TEOMY is objectively her best book. Our Tragic Universe is a little bit meta, especially if you’ve read her other stuff - the protagonist is a writer who’s been writing and ghostwriting genre fiction and book reviews because they earn her money, but has been trying to write a “serious” book for years - she keeps changing it as her life changes. That’s more of a running theme than the actual plot, though; I imagine most people who read it don’t get sucked into reading Thomas into her own character the way I do because most people didn’t read everything she’d ever published back-to-back the way I did (and it’s actually a good book; my description is kind of unfair to it just bc I sometimes get way too analytical when I’m reading novels while studying fiction or writing etc).

Know you have 0 time to read, but hope you do get around to checking Scarlett Thomas out, even if you can only justify MWT at the moment - and tell me what you think! I haven’t made as much progress through MWT as I could have due to absurd rereading binge, so hopefully I’ll have more to say about it later (another reason I’m rereading OTU - and getting sucked into the meta aspects - is that the main character talks a lot about narrative and the same kinds of ideas about writing as end up in MWT, or at least the parts I’ve gotten to - though there are also ideas about idea generation that showed up in Popco).

Cryptic crosswords also show up in a few of her books, which is making me crazy because I haven’t read the Wikipedia link you sent me or been able to figure out any of the clues mentioned in her books, though I have been able to figure out how I’m supposed to figure most of them out - Popco actually has an entire crossword puzzle in the back (along with a recipe for cake, a list of prime numbers, some frequency tables of letters in English, and probably something I’m forgetting) - can’t bring myself to write on it (but have marked/underlined/post-it-noted most of the book), but am also having a little bit of a cultural knowledge issue I think - or possibly just Dumb American Syndrome.

Was also briefly on a Sarah Desson rereading kick, but now that’s over and I just want a new SD book - there’s one either coming out soon or recently out that I need to check on. She actually has also improved a lot since her earliest books, but since she hasn’t changed genres or universes (she now gives you glimpses of characters from previous books in every new one), so it’s been less dramatic.

Feel like should hash tag this with names of authors mentioned, but feel weirdly self-conscious doing so on Tumblr, though suppose everyone does it now [also accidentally published this before I’d finished writing it, so now not sure how to add tags, though may go figure it out and come back again {nope, can’t seem to do it via this app - should presumably try actual website instead}]. Sometimes the Internet makes me feel completely absurd. For the first time in a decade I’ve let myself get completely behind insofar as I never actually set up Pinterest or Instagram (etc) accounts (which is sad bc presumably means I won’t be able to get the usernames I wanted), but now I have my iPad mini with its better camera than my ancient iPhone and apps for everything, so maybe I’ll catch back up with the world. Still kind of think Twitter is stupid, though - and still don’t really understand point if Tumblr despite using it (on the rare occasions that I remember it exists.

So that was an unnecessarily long response to a simple question - sorry! This is the first time I’ve logged onto any kind of social networking site since about December, and the first time I’ve been here since before that. Hope the bug is feeling better - heard she covered herself in avocado and doesn’t like daycare. Poor bug. Kisses from me - I have some stuff to send her.

Oh, are you trying to pick small? it looks like they're out of small. Get a bigger size maybe?Asked By - applecranberry

Ha. Sadly no long size S (though actually was underweight so that would be a good thing if thyroid issues hadn’t gone from making it impossible to gain weight to causing me to gain regardless of what I eat - grr).

why can't you get the shirt? there's an add to cart...Asked By - applecranberry

I think I wasn’t actually trying to get it, just liked it (?). Not sure - should clearly clean up my email so that I actually see these quickly enough to remember the context. Also I swear when I first created a tumblr account I couldn’t see a way to reply to someone else’s post, but now that’s totally straightforward, so can’t figure out whether I was being dumb or what.

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